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​​​​Our Fairfield County community offers a vast and varied selection of public and private academic, athletic, artistic and

social programming that enhances all of our lives. Perhaps so much so that we sometimes become 'stressed' to take advantage of all that is offered. In turn, we often overlook tending to the most basic skills and practices which are proven to be critical components of healthy families, businesses and organizations.  We believe that these innovative programs are effective methods to add mental and emotional wellness into the fold of our community's pursuit of healthy and enjoyable lifestyles.


​​​​​INSPIRE  was created to enhance the quality of life in our community by reducing stress and improving coping strategies. 

We offer presentations, workshops and therapies which can advance the attainment of a healthy emotional lifestyle.

OUR WORK is founded on evidence-based research that confirms the critical connection between body and mind.

We provide programs that enhance lives both at home and at the workplace by focusing on mental and emotional wellness.


OUR GOAL is to educate our community on the principles of stress management and teach practices that lessen the effects of life's stressors.  We know this will create a safer, more productive and positive environment which increases the potential for all residents to thrive.